Cosmetic, General, Implant Dentistry

New Patients

Welcome to the family.

New Patient Exam

If you are looking for a new dentist, a new dental home, and value quality, ethical care in a comfortable setting, we would love to have you as a new patient.  

To become a new patient, we will walk you through a New Patient Exam which involves the following: we will have you complete the necessary paperwork, do a clinical and visual inspection of the teeth, gums, and surrounding structures, do an oral cancer screening, update and evaluate any necessary radiographs (x-rays), and spend time answering any questions or address any concerns you may be having.  Should you seek further dental treatment after a New Patient Exam, we can create an individualized plan and address these needs. 

Limited/Urgent Evaluation

Give us a call if you're experiencing an urgent dental issue that needs to be addressed in a timely manner, whether it's causing discomfort or not.  We would be happy to see you on short notice, whether you're an existing patient of the practice or a new patient.

We can complete a Limited Exam, which expeditiously focuses on the area of concern.  Sometimes we can even provide treatment at this same time, depending on the issue and depending on time constraints. After a Limited Exam and addressing any concerns, a Complete Exam can be accomplished at a future date. 

Comprehensive Evaluation 

Sometimes patients have more complex dental needs, or concerns.  Or simply put, they just want to know more.  If this is the case, there are options for you.  

At top medical centers across the country, there is something known as an Executive Physical.  This is a thorough and extended physical examination where the entire body is evaluated comprehensively, including lab testing, functional testing, and personalized counseling based on findings. This allows people to be fully aware of any current or potential future health issues or concerns, so they be proactive rather than reactive, and live longer, healthier lives. 

We can do the same in dentistry. A Comprehensive Evaluation is our version of the Executive Physical.   

We perform a complete clinical and visual evaluation of your teeth, gums, and surrounding and supporting structures, and your jaw and bite. We make models of your teeth, so that we can evaluate all functional elements of your dental system, and we take a series of digital photographs so that we can study your mouth when you are not in the office, as well as communicate effectively on the condition of your oral health. We spend additional time with you going through all details of the evaluation, and provide you with a comprehensive written report of the evaluation.  This process happens over the course of two appointments. 

A Comprehensive Evaluation allows us to fully understand a patient's current dental condition and prognosticate future dental needs.  This is the best way for our patients to make fully informed and educated decisions on dental treatment, for optimal structural integrity and longevity, especially in more complex situations. Should you seek further dental treatment after a Comprehensive Evaluation, we can create an individualized plan and address these needs. 

Smile Analysis

Esthetics: aes·thet·ics /esˈTHediks/ the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste; emphasizing evaluative criteria that are applied to art; both subjective and objective. 

When a patient would like to change and improve the appearance of their smile, we always start with a Smile Analysis. This is a process where a clinical examination, study models of the teeth, and series of digital photographs and tracings are used to evaluate tooth position, tooth arrangement, tooth contour, tooth color, and gum levels all within the framing of the lips to create the smile.  Evaluating all of these aspects in this manner helps us, along with our patient, create a precise plan that will lead to predictable, long-lasting, esthetically-pleasing results--a stunning smile.